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We believe in making the web better.  Our website analysis helps marketing teams, agencies and consultancies improve websites and the experience for their customers.  We designed these broad assessments to quickly reveal how your website may be blocking a quality experience and losing customers.  We score your site with our proprietary scoring tool that leverages industry benchmarks and metrics related to areas such as marketing, mobile capability, quality, overall performance, security and load capability.  This data is then reviewed and reported by a senior analyst so that your web teams know what to focus on next.
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of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that wasn’t available


of users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load


of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less

What can be done with website analysis you might say?  Our question is, “What problem are you trying to solve?”.

What good is your website if your users can’t actually use it?
What good is your great video if no one ever finds it?
What good is the great Super Bowl campaign or NASCAR sponsorship if your site is unreachable?
What kind of Brand equity is lost from a site being defaced? What kind of data could be lost if a security compromise occurs?

Performance Tracking

Track key website performance indicators over time that drive revenue.

What can be measured to solve website problems?  There are many, but one example is site speed.  Speed is a differentiator for consumers making purchasing decisions… including whether they will be back for follow-up purchases. The level of satisfaction a customer has with a site and your brand goes down with slower speeds. In 2012 Amazon calculated that a 1 second slowdown in their website would cost them $1.6B. In 2016 that number is probably closer to $2.5B.  Also, one tracking system provider discovered that every one second in delay caused a loss of 7% in conversions for one e-commerce site.  By tracking these indicators, and those of competitors or acquisitions, you can know where you stand in the marketplace.

Get expert analysis that makes sense and leads to action.

Running tests take time but are straightforward.  Some issues may be false positives and lead you down an incorrect and expensive path. Having a skilled analyst understand the root cause and impacts before proceeding with configuration changes or technology swaps.  Identifying gaps that can’t be bridged with existing website technology is also essential so that a Content Management System Selection can happen.

Expert Advice

Highlighted Critical Issues

Prioritize investment in changes and improvements based on severity.

You can make informed, evidence-based decisions by pinpointing areas of weakness on your website.  Some websites are great and don’t have many issues, but for those that do substantial value can be lost in seconds.  For example, critical web vulnerabilities can lead to a variety of attacks on your brand and visitors.  Maybe you are launching a major campaign, can your site handle the traffic?  Maybe you are expanding globally, are site load times causing issues with your new customers?  When budgeting for improvements and fixes, not every issue needs to be solved,

Enhance customer experience and happiness leading to higher loyalty and conversion.

Customer experience discussions can be viewed through many lenses, but we consider accessibility, content, interactivity, on site search and device and browser compatibility.  Accessibility of the website relates to those who may have physical impairments and is especially important in consumer facing businesses and governmental web sites. Content on the website is scored in relation to its trust and authority, coverage and accuracy. Interactivity for the user is measured, including navigation and information architecture which relate to how users navigate and get back to where they want to be. Search and visibility measures if the results are relevant and if users can get where they need to be. Mobility quantifies access across various devices.

Customer Focused

Ensure Quality

Optimize your website by pinpointing quality issues before your customers encounter them.

Site quality is a signal to both users and search engines whether or not your site is properly maintained. It can impact user experience and crawls from search engines which ultimately impact how people find your business or product. For example, some sites have infinite loops that can cause crawls to timeout, missing critical content for indexing.  Site quality is “table stakes” to enter the game and quality is never free.  Ongoing monitoring and control is important to validate your improvement efforts and make changes stick.

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As a marketing technologist – or the person responsible for the technology direction of marketing in your company – building a technology roadmap and tracking to it is undoubtedly part of the job description. What to focus on first can be a serious point of discussion with numerous perspectives from your stakeholders. The decision on how to spend more technology dollars in marketing should be an informed one.

This can be challenging because of the amount of noise in the marketing technology landscape. We are inundated with Marketing Technology choices to enable our business. We have to take into account the future by reviewing the latest hype cycle while also managing the day to day operations.

Website analysis involves an assessment of seven forces related to the overall effectiveness of your company’s web presence. Some of these forces overlap with each other, but a proper web analysis takes into account the questions and concerns of the business to formulate an analysis.

Whether a broad discovery effort or a more targeted approach is needed, a web analysis helps inform the roadmap and develop a business case to justify your requirements and improvements.

Brightmill brings in a fresh perspective to our tools and technologies while ensuring our systems become more secure, stable and efficient. They make us better at what we do.

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Marketers need skilled technical advisors to empower their business.  Our focus on website analysis can help make strategy a reality for digital marketing and technology leaders.  By bridging gaps in knowledge, identifying needs and risks, and focusing on practical outcomes, we provide actionable and detailed information that empowers your roadmap.

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Seven Forces

Website speed is one of the seven forces we discuss. In 2012 Amazon calculated that a 1 second slowdown in their website would cost them $1.6B. In 2016 that number is probably closer to $2.5B.

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