Know Everything Wrong With Your Website, Before Your Customers Do.

Get insights and guidance on spelling, grammar, SEO, social, broken links, accessibility, security and more in one comprehensive, analyst supported report.

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Ensure your website is not vulnerable to attacks that can impact your brand and reputation such as malware, improper SSL, Denial of Service or Blacklisting

Speed & Performance

Check pages are fast and available for your visitors to interact with your brand and convert to customers instead of slow product pages, oversized images, slow or missing dependencies, and timeouts.

Marketing & Content

Understand your marketing, social and content implementation gaps including social integration, SEO fundamentals, duplicate content, contact details, and reading age.


Detect quality issues that are impacting your customer experience before they do including JavaScript errors, broken links, missing files and broken pages.

Accessibility & Compliance

Understand what compliance concerns are present on your website such as WCAG 2.1, Section 508, PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA, WASC Threat Classification, Sarbanes-Oxley, NIST Special Publication 800-53 (for FISMA), DISA-STIG Application Security, CWE/SANS Top 25 Software Errors


Know if users will be able to use your site, or if they are blocked by unexpected usability challenges such as mobile device compliance, browser issues, mixed content warnings, general usability difficulties.


Gain confidence knowing whether or not your technology stack is being managed well with a review of technology inventory, technology update status, and server behavior.

For Up To 100 Pages You Get The Following

What Do You Test?
We review a large number of items which are constantly being expanded and improved.
Other Than a Report, What Do I Get?
You get the report, the detailed analyst notes, a readout meeting and one retest to validate fixes.
What if I have Questions After the Readout Meeting and Retest?
This would likely be a separate engagement, but we’re pretty flexible here. There is a “30 day warranty” period after the initial engagement when we will still answer questions that come through our inbox or chat.
How do I Pay?
You will receive an invoice, which you can pay with major credit cards, e-check or via regular mailed check if approved. Work will begin once payment has been received.
Does a Recurring Option Exist?
Yes, if you need a recurring check of your site, please contact [email protected] to specify what you need.
Is This Just Another Tool?
No, this is a detailed analyst report, including advice for next steps. We aren’t just another software company selling licenses, we want to see you succeed in this area of knowledge. This will feel more personal than just running another web tool that will only give partial information.
Why Should We Use You Versus Other Agencies Out There?
First, we are not your typical agency… we specialize in this area.  We leverage over 20+ years of web experience with US-based analysts and multiple tools and techniques to federate our results into a single, easy to understand report. There is no single tool that we have found which does what we do.
Aren't You Just an SEO Company?
No, SEO is a part of what we check for you, but our comprehensive approach far exceeds any SEO company. We focus on on-site experience and help you avoid all the bad experience triggers that drive away visitors once all that SEO, PPC and more finally pays off with a visit.

Yes, I Need to Know Everything About My Website.

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