Brightmill is a website analysis agency that provides a comprehensive “health check” to measure numerous success factors including website security, marketing effectiveness and overall performance. The company has provided website analysis, development and project management services to marketing teams across multiple industries within publicly traded companies, state government organizations, as well as large and mid-sized private businesses.


We have been doing digital for decades. Our founder was working with web technology starting in 1994 – only three years after the world wide web came into existence. Approximately 10 years later he started what is now Brightmill. Our clients have included Fortune 500 and publicly traded companies, state government, large private companies and SMBs. We are experienced, professional, flexible and technical – the perfect combination for the modern agency.

Since 2015 we’ve turned our attention to solutions and approaches that make a difference in the web experiences of our clients’ customers. This includes critical partnerships for delivery of the specific service capabilities that lift revenue and reduce cost. A specialty focus on web analysis has been built around our 7 Forces of Web Analysis framework.

The Brightsuite reference architecture is an integrated WCMS solution for customers seeking good value from an open source solution without spending 10 times as much – or more – on commercial solution licensing and implementation. By leveraging BrightSuite, marketing teams will encounter an easier to use, flexible system that won’t bog them down in technical details. And with our partner agencies managing it, your technical teams won’t have to staff up to support it while executives will appreciate the value to cost ratio in supporting other marketing initiatives.


Brightmill Blue
R: 20 G: 42 B: 65

Brightmill Yellow
R: 255 G: 197 B: 80

Brightmill Accent Blue
R: 121 G: 200 B: 204


We have supported a variety of non-profits and continue to strive in our efforts to give back to the communities in which we serve.




WordPress Technology Stacks Worldwide

One of the largest WCMS landscapes in the world sits on end of life technology because of neglect.


A Recruiting Company

Six branded websites and three were delivering injected malware to their visitors unknown to company.


Major Data Center Provider

Running public site with out of date WordPress installation with known vulnerabilities.


Major Corporation Accessibility

Multiple major companies sued over accessibility complaints.


Major Office Supply Company

One second reduction in website speed increases online sales 10%.


Major Public Company

Bad product images implementation limits social media sharing capability.


Manufactured Home Reseller Website

Uncovered quality issues in brand new site that leave website users frustrated and with multiple dead ends.


Fortune 500 Company

Mobile challenged site when a large percentage of site traffic was from mobile devices.


Percent of Web Driven By WordPress


Loss in Conversion for 1 Second Site Delay


Percent of E-Commerce Traffic from Mobile


WordPress Installs on End of Life Technology