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Surprise, it is really about you!

When we meet with marketers like you we find they’re charged with growing their business, delivering speed to market for new products and predicting and managing change. Unfortunately, according to a recent IBM CMO Study with over 1,700 CMO’s there was surprising consensus on their inability to keep up in three key areas:


Data explosion or the inability to manage data


Growth of channels and choice of devices


Shifting or changing consumer demographics

What this means is that it’s more important than ever for marketers to be able to leverage technology to manage data, serve customers on numerous platforms and respond to changing demographics.

However, as we work with companies like yours we find they, like you, are challenged with implementing the latest technology, managing relationships with both vendors and their IT department, as well as tracking to a strategic roadmap.

Leveraging technology for predictable measurable outcomes is more challenging and more important than ever.


It wasn’t that long ago when all you had to worry about was print media. However the world we live in continues to change at an accelerating pace. First there was the advent of the Internet. With that came the concept of Social media. Next Mobile, the Cloud and Big Data.

Each of these is critical to successful marketing. However the technology that goes along with it is anything but simple. The questions on how these elements play together and the underlying technology needed to accomplish business goals continues to increase in complexity. What this means is that the marketing departments are having a hard time developing the necessary expertise to thrive in this environment.

Not possessing the expertise means that there is a greater dependence on the IT department and IT vendors. This dependence creates its own challenges. IT departments have their own set of goals and constraints. Most of the focus is on keeping the lights on vs. forward thinking on how technology can drive revenue. Technology professionals thrive in the technology world but sometimes have a problem connecting the technology to marketing and revenue goals. Adding IT vendors to the mix only makes creating predictable outcomes more challenging by adding a third party to the equation. Knowing which vendors to choose and the time it takes to manage the relationships can add to the frustration of reaching the goals handed down by management.

The day-to-day responsibilities associated with juggling these different elements can lead to a short-term focus. It becomes difficult to create and track to a strategic plan that will create both short term and long term success.

Imagine if you could have visibility into the world of technology as it relates to creating success for you and your department?

What if this visibility created both strategic and tactical reality in the way that you implement technology so that you can ensure predictable success in marrying technology with revenue goals?

What if you could focus more on the future to ensure that you stay ahead of the technology curve so that you can continue to exceed your revenue goals?

What if you could have an advocate in your relationship with IT vendors and your IT department so that you can have a single point of contact with someone that speaks both the marketing and IT language?

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