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We know that our assessments lead to action which add value to your organization. Your success is paramount and our deep knowledge in marketing and web technology means you have an expert in your corner as you develop your roadmaps.

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We will take the lead in developing your own digital marketing enterprise architecture based on system requirements that leverage current assets. As a result, you’ll be able to optimally incorporate new technology more efficiently, and without disruption to established elements.

For any new digital marketing tool to be effective, it must be integrated into a well-governed digital marketing enterprise architecture. New capabilities can then be added with an accounting of impact on all potentially affected components, including people, processes, data, software and hardware.

We will work with you to establish a roadmap that will help make your digital marketing platform a reality. In high-level strategy sessions, we will determine:

  • Portfolio spend on marketing initiatives
  • What to grow, and what to shrink
  • Which platform elements to retire, and which to create
  • The eventual, complete state of the entire digital marketing platform

At the end of this phase, the digital marketing technology roadmap will enable accurate budgeting for initiatives to convert them to actual projects.

Marketing Technology Roadmap Use Cases

“When doing marketing technology roadmapping, thinking in terms of specific use cases can be helpful for how to approach your roadmap.”

Portfolio Planning

The digital marketing technology roadmap ensures that your systems support current and future needs. A periodic review of applications from a business, systems, and planning perspective helps marketing avoid slipping into reactive mode, and keeps an eye on where your marketing efforts are headed.

In these periodic reviews, portfolio road mapping helps to identify gaps between business needs and system capabilities. The technology roadmap is updated as needed to adjust to newly discovered realities and to leverage new digital marketing tools.

A properly maintained roadmap helps marketing prioritize needs and match them with available resources while determining the best candidates for external engagement.

Digital Transformation

We’ve heard a lot about digital transformation. While that term is thrown around a lot, there are a few focused perspectives I like to consider when addressing a topic as broad and diverse as digital transformation.

One Thing You Need to Know about WordPress 4.7

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Web Vulnerabilities Still Prevalent

Recently Acunetix provided some aggregated data from over 15,000 security scans performed over the past 12 months.  The security stance of many sites still need a lot of work and web application attack surfaces are far too broad in aggregate. Among the findings, nearly half of the web applications scanned contained a high security vulnerability such as Cross-site scripting (XSS) or SQL Injection.

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