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Narrowing vendors to those who most closely align with your needs can be challenging. There are usually many options and the bigger your project the riskier the selection. Our process can help mitigate this risk. Get Started!


Do you have a glorified technology reseller – or a real advisor – in your corner? We take the lead in narrowing vendors to those who most closely align with your needs, and review the remaining vendors and their capabilities in a proof-of-concept demonstration. We then tabulate the demo results and meet with your stakeholders to determine weights as a prelude to scoring. This analysis will position you to select the vendor that will best power your digital marketing initiatives into the future.

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CMS-2x2-Matrixv4-2015updateWith so many platforms and vendors from which to choose, and with the inherent technology failure risks, optimal vendor and system selection in digital marketing technology is key to protecting both investment and execution. Working with marketing and contract administration as needed, Brightmill assists in the vendor and system selection process by:

  • Documenting the problem to solve and solution requirements
  • Identifying prospective solution providers
  • Narrowing the prospect list based on bids, quotes, proposals, literature, etc.
  • Recommending the solution, with documented rationale
  • Assisting in managing the relationship and contract with the seller
  • Monitoring seller performance and recommending corrective action as needed

To guide the vendor and system selection process, Brightmill employs a flexible multi-criteria selection approach. This approach, associated tools, and Brightmill’s history of success, will assist you in reaching solid decisions based on business requirements. This produces better outcomes for your project and stronger alignment with the enterprise architecture.

CMS Selection

A perfect example of the marketer’s challenge in system is selection is Content Management Systems (CMS). Did you know there are more than 1000 of these available to help you manage website digital content? Identifying the optimal solution can be enormously challenging because of their complexity. It is essential to specify website and integration requirements – among others – and then evaluate vendors and offerings relative to those requirements.

CMS System – Why You Don’t Want a CMS

One of the best business investments to make is a good content management system (CMS system) for your website. Your website is a major communication tool for your business and your customers; ensuring your site is one people want to revisit and act on is very important.

The Risks of Personalization in Content Management Systems

Gartner research indicates that by 2016 nearly 90% of companies believe customer experience will be their primary basis for competition. Personalization of web content management systems (CMS / WCMS) is being established as a fundamental component of a variety of platforms. However, while the technological discussion is important, it is not the most relevant component to consider. There are a variety of concerns to be taken into consideration by those implementing personalization in Content Management Systems.

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