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After a few hundred web sites, we know a little about this platform. It isn’t the right choice for every need, but if it is for you, we can take it as far as you want.

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WordPress is consistently the most utilized content management system (CMS) platform in the world. Nearly 25% of the sites on the Internet are served by WordPress. However, of those, 25% are still using versions that are not on the latest major build and are more vulnerable to attack.

The true value for larger businesses can be degraded by poor choices regarding the implementation of the platform. A WordPress Platform Architecture, along with services, support and security protocols, can provide substantial capabilities for a fraction of commercial software.

Out of the box, optimization of WordPress is also important. For example, search algorithms take into account speed as a component. Database overhead management, CDN utilization, minification of JavaScript and much more can improve your speed for your users and give you a bit of a boost in the search rankings.

We’ve managed many hundreds of WordPress sites and know the tools and techniques to keep them running smoothly. We can migrate your site and assess your options along the way. If you need to keep hosting elsewhere, we can still help consult on next steps and provide maintenance and support.

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